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Not the actual house that almost collapsed


No Kidding, the House Was Going to Collapse                      True Story by Aaron Hahn

I was in the middle of framing a new house and got a call on my cell phone.....

"Do you guys do basements?"

"Sure," I replied, "we specialize in basements."

"How do you tell if a wall in the basement is load bearing?" the voice asked.

"Well, there are signs," I said and explained it to him.

"Could you come and have a look at my basement right away?"

A few hours later, I inspected a large newly finished recreation room in his basement.  The walls were already dry-walled in, so I drilled a small hole through the drywall and stuck in my snake video inspection tool.  Sure enough, the owner and his handyman friend had removed a load bearing wall.  The floors above were 'bouncy' and the house actually groaned and creaked when people walked on the floor above! You could even see where the house was sagging in the middle.

"Your house is going to collapse," I told him.  The floor joists had very little overlap and as far as I could tell the main thing keeping the house up was the plywood flooring nailed to the joists. 

The next day, we built a temporary load-bearing wall and custom ordered the proper engineered composite beam to span the length of the rec-room.  A few days later, we jacked up the sagged house and installed the beam. 

Our bill was less than $2,000 and saved the homeowner from a huge loss that probably would not have been covered by insurance.  Also, while we were there, we noticed a fire hazard; three dangerous and illegal electrical connections.  We saved the house from collapsing and a possible future fire.  It's lucky that he called me when he did and that no one got hurt.

Homeowners think they can save money doing some things themselves, but if you do it yourself it is very important to know what you are doing and to ensure all construction is done according to code.

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